Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kids at play!

Well the kids had a blast making bingo blast backgrounds for my daughters birthday party invitations! What a mess though...my son got a little carried away though...some spatters reached across the table lol! But fun was had by all! I thought I'd include a photo of them creating as well as the finished product! ( sorry it's crooked! Enjoy!)


AK Stamper said...

Hey Shari thanks for sharing the photo of the kids! what fun it looks like they had.
Shell~Alaska, another Tjunkie

KellyRae said...

You were brave to only lay out newspapers...lol. When I had my DGD make mother's day cards, I had her doing the 'blast' on paper inside of a low-sided box. (And both of us were wearing aprons!) She had a wonderful time, as did your kids. What a fun memory you created for them.